I’m Enrico Gregoratto, a technology professional by day, I like to spend as much of my free time behind the camera photographing anything from street scenes, to portraits, landscapes and wildlife. Recently my attention has been focused on my two growing children running around the house and yard. Capturing intimate moments as they grow, learn and have fun is both rewarding and challenging … they don’t hang around waiting for the camera, in fact they often try their best to avoid it!

I received my first camera for my 10th birthday many years ago. It was plastic and didn’t last long, but the seed was sown. Today I use a variety of digital cameras and lenses, from DSLRs to compacts and even my phone if that is all I have with me. I also love doing my own photo printing, matting and framing.

I am partial to monochrome images and tend to process and print mainly in monochrome.